Thursday, 20 October 2011

HP Introduces Next Generation LTO-5 Backup Tape Cartridges

C7975A Hp LTO-5 Tape Cartridge
After the huge success of all four generations of LTO Ultrium tape HP, Hewlett-Packard has now introduced the fifth generation of LTO-5 that meets all your storage needs. C7975A is the part number of the next generation of HP LTO-5 tape. HP tape cassettes LTO5 are intelligently designed to effectively protect your sensitive data and increase your ROI. At high speed HP LTO-5 tape data provides superior performance and storage capacity of several terabytes. The ability of performance and recording of LTO-5 tape format has been doubled compared to Ultrium tape technology LTO-4.

HP LTO-5 tape technology is the leading organizations rely on. HP LTO5 units consume less energy, and other media files from the backup. WORM and encryption features are two inexpensive technologies offered by the HP LTO-5 tape backup, which is also available in its previous LTO-4. Tape Cartridges LTO-3 WORM technology is there. HP LTO- 5 uses 256-bit encryption capabilities. HP LTO5 backup tapes are available and trained RW (rewritable) and WORM. HP C7975A tape media capable of storing 1.5 TB of native data. Data can be read and written on the tape HP C7975A Ultrium is faster with the speed of speed 1 TB / hour .HP Ultrium LTO-5 tape can contain compressed data, and 3 TB, so that favors the major storage environments.
Earlier versions of LTO-4, LTO3, LTO2 and LTO-1 manufactured by Hewlett-Packard are listed below:

HP LTO-1 tape




HP Ultrium LTO band-3




HP LTO cleaning cartridge has a part number which is  C7978A. All HP LTO tapes offer exceptional compatibility and greater read / write. HP has made significant technical improvements in the next generation of LTO-5 data tapes. The HP C7978A is a scalable, cost-effective tape cartridge, high performance, offering unmatched reliability of data is a blistering speed of 1 terabyte per hour. HP Ultrium LTO-5 tape is the best option for medium-sized enterprises, workstations and data centers.

HP LTO5 Tape technology improves your bottom line through data archiving capabilities faster. HP has increased the storage density and traces of registration of its high-speed tape backup LTO5. This was made possible by a reduction in the size of magnetic particles and a smooth film base. LTO-4 Ultrium 896 features tracks for recording, which was increased to 1280 lines of data for HP LTO-5 backup tapes.

The memory chip is built into all LTO cartridges. Memory chip to improve the monitoring of the media and the use of data which high speeds the process. HP C7978A tape have latest data in harsh environments and the increased workload. HP has introduced a mechanical locking system, Grabber, and intelligent Ultrium LTO-5 tape, which is to not to pull the pin as a leader within the cassette. HP C7978A tape cartridge has special sensors that detect the exact contact of the head and the spool of tape, which prevents the loss of the head. HP has cleverly designed  LTO-5 tape for recording to produce an excellent solution for automated tape libraries, servers, demanding environments and remote offices. HP LTO5 tape has  working life of 30 years.

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